Unifi Fibre Coverage: The Internet For You

I like to research some random facts, be it from a post I come across on Instagram or questions like “Who invented the toilet? was it a guy named Toto?”. This quirk leads me to interesting pockets of the internet, especially when I take my question to sites like Reddit or YouTube.

I want to share a discovery I found while I was searching for the answer to my very, very important question,  “Where did all the cables go?”. Which cables do you ask? Well I know somewhere in your memories you remember when you’re driving or just commuting, you see lots of cables dangling from pole to pole. Yes, those cables and marketing tools. Well, if you are wondering, those cables are there to distribute electricity and phone connection to your houses. Yeah, cool no? Well, back to my question, where are they now? I can still see some here and there, but it is not as crowded as it was before. Do not get me wrong, It is a good thing! But I am still curious, where are they?

Lucky for me, I found out the answer to where and why they are gone.

Unifi Fibre Coverage

So where are they? They are now underground! The phone and electricity companies have decided to put them underground through a process called “undergrounding”.

Why? because of various reasons. But the one that is not so technical and affects us is because humans are sometimes very careless. Putting the cable underground lowers the safety hazards, and also it reduces the amount of maintenance that companies have to invest in caring for very long stretches of cables that are just blatantly exposed to various amounts of threat. 

A bonus answer for you is: Because of the type of cable that is now used as a medium to connect us to the internet. For the past decade, the world of the Internet has gradually become more accessible and the coverage is not an issue anymore, thanks to fiber optic cables! What are fibre optic cables? It is basically a bunch of fibre glasses bundled up all together in a bigger cable casing. Do we have it here in Malaysia? well of course! Why do you think companies call it fibre coverage like Unifi Fibre Coverage without compromising the fast speed! It is because they can cover so many areas because of fibre! Nifty!  One of the downsides to using fibre optic cable is that because it is made of glass, it is very fragile, but the “undergrounding” process eliminates this downside though, which is so cool!

Well, I hope this fact answers a question you did not know you have like I did. It is such a small thing, but to notice things advancing in small ways like this makes me smile a little, and also it can be a good ice breaker when you are at a party… I think!