How SAP Malaysia Will Improve Business Efficiency

Businesses in Malaysia are constantly scrutinized under the digital microscopic lens. We dissect their ability to cater to customers efficiently, and how they maintain relationships with them. Whether your business is small or nationwide, it needs the power of SAP Malaysia to fully revolutionize its work performance and efficiency. After all, what business can survive in the current climate without the support of high-tech software? 

SAP is not a new concept to businesses. But many are still far from implementing it in their business. Some are unaware of the benefits you can reap from such software and others are on too much of a budget to think about fully experiencing the SAP learning hub.

What many businesses, especially small businesses do not realize is how business operations take a toll on the total efficiency of the business. Without streamlining the business operations from the day-to-day activities of the business to various departments of the business, it is bound to take more than a few steps. An application like SAP can easily scale up the productivity among employees because of the integration between all the tasks and departments. Miscommunication among employees is likely to be lesser and so is the impact of miscommunications. Employees run on high morale because they are aware of their objectives and their goals for the business development. 

SAP Malaysia

Optimization is one of the core characteristics of SAP software. They reduce the cost of having a full-on in-house IT support team, while simultaneously doubling the productivity in the work environment. Some of the points of optimization that improve efficiency in business include cost management processes, order to cash process, accurate data entry, customer relationship management, connecting with suppliers, digitalizing all of the tasks, and even giving accurate forecasts and predictions. 

Another key point for efficiency in business lies inefficient decision-making. So many mistakes are a result of poor decision-making skills in various departments of the business. Misjudgment in communication, unclear objectives, and inaccurate tracking of business orders can lead to decisions that result in low-quality work. To improve the efficiency and efficacy of the work produced, businesses should get the assistance of SAP. After all, they give us information in real-time and allow access to a common database shared by all the members. 

Enhanced work performance also comes with stronger teamwork skills and better communication in the work environment. This involves your communication with suppliers, customers, and upper management. The enhancement also increases with lowered human error in the place of work by digitizing the work environment. Oftentimes, the invoices, reports, and analyses we create have the huge risk of human error but you can easily get past this with intelligence and automation provided by SAP. 

There are so many benefits to finally implementing SAP and using the SAP learning hub to improve digital skills and knowledge in the workplace. Without digitally savvy employees and employers, businesses slow down, have higher costs running up and down, and even lags behind in the competition. 


Best Offices in Malaysia

Cool office spaces are becoming increasingly crucial to today’s young talent as they examine a range of aspects to choose which organisation is the greatest fit for them. Indeed, a wonderful workplace may contribute to a thriving and energising work atmosphere that motivates employees to do their best job and fosters creative innovation. Providing the best workspace for employees, even if it’s just installing operable partitions and glasswall from Selangor can make a huge wonder. Here are our favourite office spaces from Malaysia’s top firms that will make you wish you could work there.

  • 85 Tranquerah

85 TRANQUERAH, located in old Malacca and listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site, has been renovated through conservation and adaptive reuse. Old is intrinsically gold when it comes to the front architectural facade of the quaint double-use shophouse with commercial activities on the ground floor and residential quarters on the upper floor, and old is intrinsically gold in terms of the front architectural facade – preserved in all its former glory. Take a look inside to observe how the middle section has been transformed into workplaces. The back portion, which used to face the sea, has been changed into a completely unexpected modern facade with full-length glass windows and a steel metal screen. Lim Pay Chye, the founder of PCL Architect, praises the “continuation of the past.” Both Malaccans pay homage to vernacular wisdom by interpreting the space such that the back portion becomes the new front, in collaboration with Idea Workshop Sdn Bhd design director Hau Woon San.

operable partitions and glasswall from Selangor
  • Google Malaysia

The internet giant’s office, which opened in August 2013, is 10,000 square feet. Google’s Malaysia HQ is within a 3-minute walk from KL Sentral train station and features an amazing meeting space inspired by Sarawak’s Niah Caves, a putting green, massage chairs, and a gaming room with the latest gaming consoles. If you go, stop by their Gerai Gugel cafe, which was created to look like a forest with swing chairs and colourful kopitiam seats to give it a Malaysian vibe.

  • Steelcase

STEELCASE Kuala Lumpur, Asia Pacific’s global commercial hub, has created a distinction for itself as Malaysia’s first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified Commercial Interior (Silver) office, with 30,000 square feet of space on levels 26 and 27. Environmental solutions are a top priority for the leading office furniture company. Barbara Reimbold, managing director, said, “Our office is structured for personal relationships.”

  • MindValley

MindValley’s bright workplace environment, which spans two stories in Menara UOA, has earned numerous honours for its interior design. MindValley’s office features a beanbag-filled auditorium, a steampunk-themed room for the IT and IT teams, bar-style spaces, and a ‘Jedi Room,’ which would make any Star Wars fan jealous. Such stylish office settings foster a fun and effective work environment that encourages employees to express their creativity.

  • Tujuan Gemilang

TUJUAN GEMILANG’s workplace at the PJ Trade Centre in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya, has all the hallmarks of a green office, including a 700-square-foot private garden with trees that soothe the spirit. “The close connection to nature that our office has is motivating. East is the direction of the private garden.