Sunken Ships And Their Stories

Ships are majestic vessels with many uses. Some are maintained by only the best NDT Malaysia so that they are safe for sailing. However, what happens to those who unfortunately sink? 


The remains of what is believed to be the PT-59 Navy vessel were retrieved from the bottom of the Harlem River in Manhattan in May 2020. This lost ship wasn’t just any sunken ship in a huge metropolis; it was the PT-59, which John F. Kennedy commanded when he was in his mid-20s during World War II. It was sold as surplus after the war and used as a charter boat in the 1950s. Then, in 1970, a Bronx schoolteacher bought the PT-59 for $1,000 with the intention of converting it into a houseboat. He lived there for a while, but it kept leaking, and the upkeep became too much for him. Burke let it sink to the river’s bottom a few years later, where it remained for decades.

The Uluburun shipwreck

The Uluburun sank off the coast of southwestern Turkey in 1300 BC. Though it’s unclear what caused the trading ship to sink, what matters is what was and wasn’t discovered inside. The sunken ship was discovered in 1982 by a 17-year-old sponge diver, and it was excavated in 1985. Despite the fact that no human remains were discovered in or around the wreck, the other items provide insight into international trade and ties more than 3,000 years ago. It’s all the more significant because it sank with a full cargo of artefacts from at least seven different cultures or civilizations from the time period. The cargo represents a microcosm of the international trade and connections that existed at the time between the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean.

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The Sovinto

As the Sovinto set sail for Australia in November of 1994, from New Brunswick, a strong storm known as the Yankee Gale pummelled the ship and its cargo. The captain told his crew to put on their life jackets and tried to drop anchor before striking the sandbars, but it was too late. The Sovinto collided with a nearby reef, but the lifeboat could not be reached. Only ten of the 22-member crew made it to land, with the rest drowning at sea. The deceased’s bones were stashed in coolers at a neighbouring lobster plant by locals. Several of the crew’s surviving members later perished of TB. Large wheels of cheese from the ship were also said to have floated ashore after the catastrophe.

The Superior Producer

The Superior Producer was a 240-foot freighter ship that went down in the Gulf of Mexico in December 1977. Because the ship was overcrowded with Christmas supplies, it began to take on water in the middle of Willemstad’s main channel. Fortunately, no one was killed in the collision. Crews dragged the big ship around the corner to the present-day cruise terminal, where it lies underwater in 100 feet of water. The Superior Producer, which sits upright, is currently home to some of Curaçao’s most colourful fish and is a popular dive spot for advanced divers. Divers can only examine the wreck while cruise ships are not in port; otherwise, they risk being sucked into the cruise ships’ powerful propellers.


5 bondage knots for beginners

Let’s start at the beginning, what is bondage and what is not? Bondage is an erotic practice that consists of immobilizing the couple using ropes, fabrics, ties, handcuffs which are available at 18 Plus World. Bondage it is one of the parts of BDSM that encompasses this sexual practice that is still so unknown to many people.

In bondage (the b of BDSM) the pleasure lies in the vulnerability of the submissive, in the pressure of the ropes and their friction with certain areas of the body. If you want to know more about it you can read this beginner’s guide to BDSM.

Bondage is safe and painless.

Surely you have already read something about bondage and restraints, and perhaps you have even encouraged yourself to try it, but you do not get out of the “come on, come i tie your hands” and there it is. You cannot get all the “chicha” out of this type of practice so pleasant for many people. 

This needs to be fixed!

What are the benefits of lightweight ties?

Games with restrictions like ropes have many benefits:

  • Introduce mystery and curiosity in your sexual encounters, starting games of submission and control.
  • Break the routine in your experiences (you have to try everything to know if you like it or not!).
  • It is a stimulating practice thanks to the adrenaline rush experienced by the tied person, a result of tension, fear, danger and impotence.
  • It raises the arousal of the person tying by increasing control over their lover.
  • They help to let go, to surrender to the senses and to improve trust in the partner.

What do you need to practice it?

Talk beforehand about what you are going to do and how you are going to do it. This is particularly significant if you and your partner do not know each other intensely. 

Something to tie with. Choose between ropes, ties, fabrics or specific bondage restraints.

The ideal complement. It is not something mandatory nor is it part of the bondage itself, but the masks add an additional morbidity that will make the practice of bondage much more exciting.

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More information at TIME internet that You Can Be Sure of

In this regard, it is necessary to recall the existence of multiple digital tools on the internet aimed at providing effective and secure protection of a company’s confidential data. Surely, one of the best known is the VPN, which is a web traffic encryption service that protects our online identity from spying, interference and censorship. Another useful tool is the firewall. It is software that monitors the traffic inside and outside the network. Its role is to protect the local computer from computer viruses and malware. You can get more info at TIME internet Malaysia also.

The Essential Choices

Launched by Google in 2012, Google Drive is a handy backup and sharing solution, which you can access at any time with your devices to record important photos and files. Furthermore, thanks to the internet, employees no longer have to travel to ensure the continuity of the company’s business. In fact, using digital tools such as Skype, employees can easily collaborate remotely and maintain seamless communication with business partners via videoconference.

  • In conclusion, the service that the internet has provided both to those who sell and to those who buy should not be underestimated, given that on the web it is possible to use the numerous and diversified e-commerce sites.
  • It happens that we think we know a topic well and actually we need to deepen. Although internet service providers today have allowed the rapid development of the Net, not everyone knows what a provider is and how to choose the most suitable one for your company. In this post we try to shed some light.

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What is an Internet provider and what it offers

Let’s start with the basics: what is a provider? Also called ISP (English acronym for Internet Service Provider) is a company that provides paid Internet access to their users, consisting of individuals, professionals and companies. To offer connection, an Internet provider has a series of points called PoPs (Point of Presence), formed by a complex of equipment, such as routers and servers, which allow users to connect to the Internet. In addition to Internet access, an ISP provider also offers other services. Among the most common, there is the possibility of an e-mail account and spaces for creating websites.


Very High Speed: Companies Have to Pay A High Price.

The Very High Speed ​​plan was launched in France in spring 2013 with the objective of covering the entire territory by 2022. Achieving this ambition is based primarily on the deployment of optical fiber.

The plan has a budget of 20 billion euros shared between the State, local communities, and private operators.

The ambition is simple: “to strengthen the competitiveness of the French economy and the quality of public services.” Indeed, the impact of a connection’s speed on the quantity and quality of digital services consumed by a business can be enormous. Today, in the age of Software, service for messaging, file exchange, collaboration and videoconferencing make speed consumption  increase for all companies.

The plan divides France into two zones: the approved zone (urban environment) where private operators invest in their own right by dividing up the cake, and the non-approved zone (rural environment) where the State and local communities subsidize private operators to install fiber.

High prices for SMEs

It is very difficult to find a firm deal for businesses while surfing the web. Either there is nothing, or you have to join a sales representative (in the case of OBS, which is the market leader), or you can find prices, with the mention “from”. When it is dug, the 1,400 € / month is transformed, except in exceptional cases, into 2,000 € / month.

Even in residential urban areas, it is sometimes impossible to benefit from the FTTH offer. In a place a few hundred meters from Malaysia, the fiber passes in the street in front of unifi office, but they cannot be connected, because the building is part of a condominium of less than twelve lots, which is not large enough to justify a connection for Orange.

The only possibility is to take an FTTO subscription through unifi fibre broadband at € 2,000 / month, by carefully choosing your operator, otherwise the cost may double. The best FTTO pro offer is therefore 50 times more expensive than the FTTH private offer!


6 Tips For Finding A Professional Roofer

The job of roofers is to do roof maintenance. Calling in a professional is necessary for this kind of work because the maneuver requires special skills. Considering the number of roofing companies that exist, the choice of this one can be a real headache. Indeed, in order to succeed in finding the competent one must apply reliable methods. But what are the tips for finding a professional roofer? You have problems with your roof or you just want to renew it. Discover in this article the important points to know.

Using the mouth-to-ear method

A method that has been used for a long time, but still remains effective until now. The word-to-ear technique consists of asking for information from those around you. The latter may know of competent roofers.

The advantage of this method: you can see the quality of its delivery for yourself. Compared to the opinion on internet forums, the efficiency of the work carried out is demonstrable. Using this technique, you can already establish a list of roofers to contact.

Research on the internet

You are currently living in the developing world. So you can use technology to find solutions to all your problems. To find a competent roofer, you can do some research on the internet. For example, you can read reviews on forums or social networks. By doing this, you can see customer reviews. After that, you can search for information on the company’s website.

Choose according to your needs

Before choosing your metal roof expert, you must first establish your needs. Business services vary from one to another. You must therefore select the roofer who offers the service you need.

Therefore, it is important to learn about the expertise of the roofer in question. Indeed, each of them has their own particular skill. Starting from the advice of your loved ones, list the companies that made them look like you were looking for. You can also visit the company’s website to see what it offers. 


Experience A Once in a Lifetime Getaway With Nature’s Best

When was the last time you had the chance to getaway? I know that with a family to feed, every day is an earning day. But then again, you also need to take a deep breath once in a while as you are not getting any younger. For sure your family and your employer will understand if once in a while, you will also have time for yourself like have a weekend getaway. You need not be alone at this time and in fact, it would be best if this time, you will bring your wife. After all, she also endures a lot to support you. But being parents and breadwinners, you can only take so much. You also need to relax and enjoy even for just a week or one weekend. The world is out there waiting to be explored. 

go here

Yes, that is right, don’t deprive yourself of the wonders of the world. You can easily find accommodations where you will be at the top of the tree. Now don’t think that because of that situation, you will be uncomfortable. That is not the case as these types of accommodations are self-contained with the latest comfort life can offer. 

This is great indeed as you can save through the process. Because of the fact that the accommodation is self-contained, you will have the option to either eat out or have your wife cook for you with her speciality. At the same time, you also have the option to just do your own laundry or have your clothes washed outside. So, if you are hesitant to take the vacation because you think that your budget is not enough, think again as there are a number of ways to save

The good thing about this type of accommodation is you will feel like you are really near to nature as you will be surrounded by a refreshing atmosphere. Some of them are just an hour away from where everything is. Every morning, you will be met by a picturesque view as well as its surrounding hinterlands. But don’t think that the excitement of this particular accommodation ends there as there are still so many things that you can do in this area. 

Yes, you and your wife will surely have a great time in treetops for aside from its romantic atmosphere, the place is usually surrounded by a number of hotspots that you can check. They usually have a number of restaurants, and still many others. They sometimes even have a zoo nearby, good boutiques, spas, salons and a lot more. Of course, you also need to check for them. 

Since this is just you and your wife, you can bring with you the sex toys or you can go here to get them. Now is the perfect time to be intimate again since there are only the two of you. With these said toys, you will have steamy nights as well!


Fundamental Reasons to Study Tourism

Traveling the world happens to be more than just a hobby. Tourism is a growing industry that requires skilled professionals. Many people who want to advance their careers in tourism management choose to explore the possibility of a Master of Business Administration, which can not only further their education but also improve their skill levels and employment prospects.

kursus sumber manusia terkenal di Malaysia

What is an MBA in Tourism Management? 

This degree is a comprehensive program that is aimed at people who work in the industry. Through coursework, students have the chance to learn the necessary business basics as well as learning analytical and strategic skills. The course length varies from one year to three years, based on the program. Most master’s degree courses require the student to have an undergraduate degree in business, marketing, or a related field.

Through a master’s level program in this field, students will have the chance to visit the world of studies by touching a bit of everything. Many people benefit from earning their MBA because they can learn about leadership, ethics, organizational management, accounting, decision-making and more. Additionally, the master’s degree generally makes a student a more desirable candidate when hiring managers review resumes.

The cost of obtaining a Master of Business Administration largely depends on the university or institution that offers the program. Before enrolling, students should contact the admissions office to find out more about the price structure.

Upon completion of the course, graduates will have the chance to explore careers in a number of fields. Many people with an MBA in Tourism Management enjoy occupying senior management positions. The degree also presents opportunities for careers in human resources, sales, event planning, and marketing. Widad Universiti mempunyai kursus sumber manusia terkenal di Malaysia.

License › Tourism management

The need to organize and plan all available resources in such a way as to induce profit in a tourism organization is considered tourism management. Studying for a professional level course in Widad University Tourism Management would be worth it as the complexities of the tourism industry require technical and managerial skills in order to deal with issues adequately. BSc Tourism Management happens to be a contemporary management course envisioned to shape the career lives of modern managers. The degree use to be offered at universities the world crosswise and covers all the business features of management in the tourism sector. The social side of tourism must be complemented with business ideas in order to provide quality and economical recreation for the economy.

In the most powerful economies in the world, tourism benefits a significant part of the economy. This strategically placed tourism in a leadership position requires managers to have effective skills in dealing with the situation. The lesson of analytical skills are complemented by quality practical experiences in the industry. This has seen the transformation of the socio-cultural sector into a business industry. BSc Tourism Management is an academic course enriched with various aspects of management taught in the course. The degree is designed to suit those in the line of tourism, hotel management, and business-related events.


Purpose Of A Drainage System For Flat Roof

A well-functioning drainage system might give homeowners the safety of evading expensive damage like overflowing gutters, a broken foundation, and many more. Water has no mercy when it comes to the damage it can cause.

Homeowners typically choose a gable roof for their homes, but there are many options available. Another very popular option is a flat roof. If you are considering having one, you should also think about the type of drainage system you will need.

A properly functioning system is one of the most important things to consider, but you might be worried: does the flat roof require one? The answer is yes and thus head over to the best roof gutter in malaysia.

Flat roofs are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners with modern home styles. These roofs usually have a minimal slope and are used in commercial and industrial properties. However, they have increased in popularity in residential construction. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of these roofs:


This is an advantage. Since they lack a slope, they are easier to install, which makes the process faster and inexpensive. 

Extra space

This is also an advantage. Having a flat roof will excavate a space that used to be typically occupied when there is an angled roof. This used to be particularly the case on the upper floors of houses.


Unfortunately, there is no way for water to drain naturally from these roofs as they are flat. This keeps it there, which can cause more problems. Of course, this is a disadvantage.

Heat absorption

Due to their design and disclosure to the sun, flat roofs grip heat, and as a result, your air conditioning will work forcefully to keep your home cool. This is a disadvantage.

Having a system in your home is essential to avoid problems such as flooded attics, damaged base, deteriorated garden and exterior, which will affect the durability of the property.

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Bringing Well Being Into Your Office Space

Sometimes it is impossible to get rid of the lethargic feeling at work. And on some days we are too tired to actually get any work done. And on some really bizarre days, you might see your exhausted employees dozing off in the office. 

In the last few years, especially in 2020, companies have been constantly talking about employee well-being for the productivity of the office. The need for organizational psychologists has taken a surge and effective human resources management is demanded. The relation to these demands is the increasing need for employee satisfaction and general health in the work environment. Wellbeing is no longer talked about in our own apartments or homes. Are they happy with the work design? Are they engaged by the settings in the office? Is it enthusiastic enough for the day? What more can we do as employers to boost up well-being and happiness in the office? 

Employers cannot control how employees feel. We cannot control their mental health nor their perception. But we can control how we design our workspace to improve productivity, satisfaction, and well-being. Installing a movable partition Malaysia offices to installing a water cooler and giving them a designated kitchen space can also make the difference. But well-being goes a long way and there is a lot more at work to do. 

Create An Office Gym 

A lot of health issues have come to surface as a result of sitting in the office for eight hours straight. Back problems, digestive issues, shoulder and jaw problems and even weight issues come from sitting at our desk for too long. Sitting for prolonged periods of time also causes us to lose our attention and interest towards work. Our minds need to be pumped, excited and ready to get on with the day. Sometimes a gym break for fifteen minutes does it for a lot of people. Encourage people to join the gym or go to the gym before or after work and even during work to improve their own productivity. 

Expand The Pantry 

Have you recently checked what’s in the office pantry? Is it well stocked? Does it have what your employees need? Are there enough water bottles? Is the coffee machine running? Do they have enough coffee capsules? This is very important to the wellbeing of employees as well. People need to be energized with food for the hectic work ahead and employees should feel support through a beautiful pantry! 

Bringing More Light Into Your Office 

Several studies have been done to understand the relationship between light and work performance. While there is no direct relationshionships, we have seen an obvious correlation. Under dim light people are likely to fall asleep and be unenergized. But with bright light streaming through our windows, it wakes us up, improves our mood, plays a role in curing depression and generally bolsts up the well being of employees. 

Plants To Spruce Up 

Plants are literally what give life to our surroundings. With more plants, there is a pop of color in our office that engages us. It keeps the air clean, replenishes focus, and generally improves overall productivity. 


After all, what is broadband? Settle your doubts.

The term “broadband” came about relatively recently and is often not fully understood, being a far more common question than it seems. Until the mid-2000s, before the great expansion of internet services, the common means of connection in Brazil was dial-up ( dial-up ) still present in 7% of the 24.3 million Malaysian households with internet access.

This tm unifi connection is made through a modem, usually installed inside the CPU, and its main characteristics are the standard speed of up to 56kbps and the fact of occupying the telephone line. However, with the arrival of broadband, many things have changed.

What is broadband and what has changed with its arrival

Broadband came as a natural evolution of the dial-up Internet. It can be defined as “broadband” the connection to the internet with a speed equal to or greater than 128kbps and in an uninterrupted manner, eliminating the need for the telephone line.

With a competitive investment value and the benefits of using broadband – above all due to the quality of the connection that allows you to do everything on the Web, it is common to say that this is the ideal solution not only for home users, but also for companies of all the postage.

Advantages of broadband

Thanks to the advent of broadband first, and then ultra-broadband, it was possible to spread services and offers that everyone knows today and of which you can hardly do without now, such as:

More effective data exchange speed, which is reflected in faster sharing of documents, photos and videos;

Transmission of streaming audio and video streams, i.e. listening to music via an internet connection but also watching movies, episodes, or online TV;

VoIP technology, ie those phone calls that use the internet connection provided by special modems;

Ability to play online titles or share the most interesting matches with a remote teammate;

Making video calls.

Moreover, the economy also benefits from the diffusion of all these services: the increasing requests for contracts for the most advanced broadband lead the telecommunications sector in Malaysia to be worth a good 32 billion euros today.

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