All knowledge is at your fingertips in the age of the borderless globe. Science and technology have caused us to transform our lives. Science and technology advancements are apparent. There are however those who argue that science and technology have no impact.

Individuals come to various judgments based on observations of the consequences of science and technology, which can either lead to development or the annihilation of the cosmos. Science and technology, without a doubt, play an important part in the development of a global civilization. Science and technology, on the other hand, have a detrimental impact on the country’s development, including environmental and social issues.

First Industry: Biotechnology Industry 

First and foremost, biotechnology is now propelling the country forward. The field of food engineering, using cutting-edge technology, is able to make genetically modified food (GM food) with the best qualities such as durability, taste, and quality, as well as ease of use, low cost, and increased production of crops such as brown rice, tomatoes, and chilies.

The food generated is the same, but it has variable qualities due to different combinations of genes from other creatures. What’s at issue is that the genetic materials utilised to make the genetically modified food come from sources that are forbidden by sharia. GMF also has an impact on human health because it contains foreign compounds (allergens) with unknown side effects.

Second Industry: Cloning Industry 

The cloning industry is the second industry that could be increased. The subject of cloning is also attracting a lot of attention. The ability to transfer genetic information from one organism to another is a product of technical advancements. This will result in an organism that is comparable to the parent. This is a source of concern since it may be misappropriated by specific groups for the aim of human cloning. This goes against the very basis of authentic faith. 

Similarly, “embryonic cells” technology has a number of advantages in terms of aiding in the treatment of a variety of ailments. However, it is believed that “embryonic stem cells” will be employed for human cloning as well.

Third Industry: Supermarket Or Food and Beverages (F&B) Industry 

Self-checkout queues may already be present in most supermarkets nowadays. Despite the fact that these machines are needed to be monitored by a person in charge like a single human, that one person is performing tasks that formerly required numerous individuals. Like there are kiosk stand for f&b malaysia and much more. 

Fourth Industry: Medic and Prescription

Many practitioners are replacing their human employees with robots that can organize and manage their patients’ medications. These robots help to minimize accidents, and because their robotic arms are so little, they may take up less room than their human counterparts.

Advantages of Bringing Modernity to Business and Technology

The idea of being able to replace a human with a computer or robot appeals to businesses looking to cut costs. A robot may work for no pay or benefits 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is often faster and more accurate than a human. Employees gain from robots because they can easily execute repetitive, monotonous, or dangerous activities while their coworkers focus on more fascinating tasks.

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