Can man’s use dildo and sex toys? I mean why not? There’s no law stating that guys can’t use adult toys such as dildos, vibrators, cock rings, penis rings, penis sleeves and many more. 

But what’s with the stereotyping? 

Well first and foremost, when we say sex toys like dildos, vibrators the only thing that comes in our mind is the shape of these products. It is true that these products are a replica of man’s genital area, which is their penis. Therefore, the issue arises that these products are only to be used by women for mastrubating purposes and not for men. But the question is, why does this kind of issue arise? The simple answer is, men are always pictured as being the masculine figure in history. Meanwhile, woman in the other hand is portrayed as soft and obedient therefore, if a woman wants to have any sex toys are not regarded as a much of problem compare to a man who owns it.

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Can’t a man own a sex toy?

Surely, he can. There’s no right or wrong in owning an adult toy. But it is normal for people to stereotype others for their own choices. Should you take this matter personally? No! People will always talk and surely they will always have their own opinion when it comes to man owning a sex toy. To discuss why they receive this much stereotyping, we must see it from the people’s point of view itself. As we all know there’s so much of sex toys and products being selled in the markets in order to enhance our sex life. 

But if you do a polling or a chart by checking out these products, most of the products that have been produced are for “her” instead for “him”. You can see the ads and poster advertising on how to “satisfy her” instead of “satisfying him”. And why is that?  Well, no one knows. Is it because man are able to reach their climax faster than woman makes them more less suitable for this product or is it to enhance woman in reaching their climax during sex even more faster by selling this products. 

Well, relatively we all should be aware that it is important that both male and female reach their satisfaction during sex. Because at the end of the day, we are all human beings with loads of hormone ragging in us. And we do have our own needs that should be satisfied. So, as much as how a woman needs or even wants to own a sex toys, it is really important that man has that too. If a guy, feels like he needs to have a sex toy or dildo, then it’s totally his choice and he shouldn’t be judged based on that. 

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