Confused About What To Do With All That Great Diet Food? Your problem of keeping your pre-prepared meals will end here! Having the right, healthy Home meal prep on hand that matches your physical goals can counter your hunger pangs and keep you from making bad food decisions and then regret.

The whole meal preparation process can be detailed as follows:

  • Planning (shopping, recipes, distribution of daily meals)
  • Preparation (cooking)
  • Storage (weighing, storage)

Simple, right?

On Fitness Goals or other bodybuilding sites you can easily find articles on the first 2 points, but none on the 3rd point which concerns the storage of the fruits of your labor… Until now.

Believe me, choosing a storage container for your precious meals can really make the difference in terms of convenience, organization and avoiding frustration.

When you buy the right containers, Tupperware, plastic box, glass box,… you have to take into consideration the criteria that I am going to present to you to make the best choices.

The best airtight and airtight lids

At noon when it comes to eating, it is very unpleasant to find that the liquid elements of your Tupperware have packed themselves out of your box. A frustrating and annoying mess if you also have your bag full of them

If it never happens at the right time, it is even less so if you are hungry. 

Some lids work better than others. Ideally, the right lids will keep all of the contents inside your storage box, even if you’re playing hot potato with it.

Many brands offer robust and waterproof culinary boxes.

There are different ways to test the cover:

Tilt the storage container on its side to see if gravity is attracting the liquid. The best types of lids have some sort of gasket, suction cup, or closing mechanism on the lid itself to keep the container closed and preserve the juices and prevent oozing.

Shake it for a good minute to see if the lids hold even when moving.

Drop them when they’re hot (and sometimes they can be). Does the cover stay in place? Does he make noise?

A good lid and container should pass at least 2 of these 3 tests without a problem.

Even if you don’t always take meals that contain liquid with you, having a well-designed cover will save you any inconvenience.

Yuck, melted plastic

When plates and bowls aren’t available, most people eat their food straight from their Tupperware box.

Some food containers are not made to be heated in the microwave and can warp with heat, or even melt.

As one can imagine, with such containers, one can be exposed to health problems by heating these boxes. This is why it is advisable to place in the microwave only Tupperware suitable for the microwave, to avoid possible problems related to bisphenol A (BPA). So check that your plastic container says it is microwave safe. Personally, plastic boxes were abandoned a few years ago in favor of glass Tupperwares, because even if they are heavier, there is no health issue with the microwave.

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