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As you grow older, you prioritise your work over your family or your significant other because you want to provide for them. But you have forgotten that money is not the only thing that matters in your relationship. You need to keep the romance alive in your relationship, no matter how busy you are at work. This is because there are many relationships out there that did not work out because of the significant other prioritising work over relationships. If you are a workaholic, please take some time off to think about how you are going to split your time between your work and relationship before you lose someone that is important to you just because you never have time for them. If you are worried that you do not know how to keep the romance alive in your relationship despite having busy schedules, do not worry. We will help you out with some suggestions on how you can do it. 

Sending Texts Or Calling

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Sometimes our partner just needs reassurance that you are still thinking of them no matter how busy you are. Maybe once you have arrived at work, you could either text or call your significant other and let them know that you have arrived safely. This will calm them instead of them thinking that something had happened to you on the way to work just because you did not contact them the whole day. It can also be stressful for them and might cause some strain in your relationship. Not only that, if you were in a rush to work in the morning and could not text or call them because of meetings, then you can at least text them during your lunch break or even if you have a few minutes to spare before your meeting. This shows that you are letting your significant other knows about your day and it can be a step in keeping the romance alive in your relationship. 

Weekend Dates


Everyone is always busy with work on weekdays. Even if you are busy on weekdays, maybe you can take some time off on your weekends to spend more time with your significant other. It does not have to be an expensive dinner date. You could go for a breakfast date or sports date or even just hang out in your living room for a movie date. These will let your significant other know you are still interested in hanging out with them and will not make them feel insecure that you are avoiding them. Besides that, you could even prepare some sex toys from adult sex toy Malaysia for a passionate romantic night between the both of you. 

These are some ideas on how you can keep the romance alive in your relationship despite your busy schedules. You can even talk to your significant other about how you both can find new ways to keep the romance alive in your relationship. 

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