In this regard, it is necessary to recall the existence of multiple digital tools on the internet aimed at providing effective and secure protection of a company’s confidential data. Surely, one of the best known is the VPN, which is a web traffic encryption service that protects our online identity from spying, interference and censorship. Another useful tool is the firewall. It is software that monitors the traffic inside and outside the network. Its role is to protect the local computer from computer viruses and malware. You can get more info at TIME internet Malaysia also.

The Essential Choices

Launched by Google in 2012, Google Drive is a handy backup and sharing solution, which you can access at any time with your devices to record important photos and files. Furthermore, thanks to the internet, employees no longer have to travel to ensure the continuity of the company’s business. In fact, using digital tools such as Skype, employees can easily collaborate remotely and maintain seamless communication with business partners via videoconference.

  • In conclusion, the service that the internet has provided both to those who sell and to those who buy should not be underestimated, given that on the web it is possible to use the numerous and diversified e-commerce sites.
  • It happens that we think we know a topic well and actually we need to deepen. Although internet service providers today have allowed the rapid development of the Net, not everyone knows what a provider is and how to choose the most suitable one for your company. In this post we try to shed some light.

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What is an Internet provider and what it offers

Let’s start with the basics: what is a provider? Also called ISP (English acronym for Internet Service Provider) is a company that provides paid Internet access to their users, consisting of individuals, professionals and companies. To offer connection, an Internet provider has a series of points called PoPs (Point of Presence), formed by a complex of equipment, such as routers and servers, which allow users to connect to the Internet. In addition to Internet access, an ISP provider also offers other services. Among the most common, there is the possibility of an e-mail account and spaces for creating websites.

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