The Very High Speed ​​plan was launched in France in spring 2013 with the objective of covering the entire territory by 2022. Achieving this ambition is based primarily on the deployment of optical fiber.

The plan has a budget of 20 billion euros shared between the State, local communities, and private operators.

The ambition is simple: “to strengthen the competitiveness of the French economy and the quality of public services.” Indeed, the impact of a connection’s speed on the quantity and quality of digital services consumed by a business can be enormous. Today, in the age of Software, service for messaging, file exchange, collaboration and videoconferencing make speed consumption  increase for all companies.

The plan divides France into two zones: the approved zone (urban environment) where private operators invest in their own right by dividing up the cake, and the non-approved zone (rural environment) where the State and local communities subsidize private operators to install fiber.

High prices for SMEs

It is very difficult to find a firm deal for businesses while surfing the web. Either there is nothing, or you have to join a sales representative (in the case of OBS, which is the market leader), or you can find prices, with the mention “from”. When it is dug, the 1,400 € / month is transformed, except in exceptional cases, into 2,000 € / month.

Even in residential urban areas, it is sometimes impossible to benefit from the FTTH offer. In a place a few hundred meters from Malaysia, the fiber passes in the street in front of unifi office, but they cannot be connected, because the building is part of a condominium of less than twelve lots, which is not large enough to justify a connection for Orange.

The only possibility is to take an FTTO subscription through unifi fibre broadband at € 2,000 / month, by carefully choosing your operator, otherwise the cost may double. The best FTTO pro offer is therefore 50 times more expensive than the FTTH private offer!

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