A well-functioning drainage system might give homeowners the safety of evading expensive damage like overflowing gutters, a broken foundation, and many more. Water has no mercy when it comes to the damage it can cause.

Homeowners typically choose a gable roof for their homes, but there are many options available. Another very popular option is a flat roof. If you are considering having one, you should also think about the type of drainage system you will need.

A properly functioning system is one of the most important things to consider, but you might be worried: does the flat roof require one? The answer is yes and thus head over to the best roof gutter in malaysia.

Flat roofs are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners with modern home styles. These roofs usually have a minimal slope and are used in commercial and industrial properties. However, they have increased in popularity in residential construction. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of these roofs:


This is an advantage. Since they lack a slope, they are easier to install, which makes the process faster and inexpensive. 

Extra space

This is also an advantage. Having a flat roof will excavate a space that used to be typically occupied when there is an angled roof. This used to be particularly the case on the upper floors of houses.


Unfortunately, there is no way for water to drain naturally from these roofs as they are flat. This keeps it there, which can cause more problems. Of course, this is a disadvantage.

Heat absorption

Due to their design and disclosure to the sun, flat roofs grip heat, and as a result, your air conditioning will work forcefully to keep your home cool. This is a disadvantage.

Having a system in your home is essential to avoid problems such as flooded attics, damaged base, deteriorated garden and exterior, which will affect the durability of the property.

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