Cricket is a world-renowned game and many people believe that it is a gentleman’s game. The cricket matches are a big source of revenue as well as entertainment almost for the entire world. Moreover, for the big franchises and the people who invest billions in the cricket teams, these matches are a bonanza. There is great sponsorship of the cricket by large companies who want their business advertisement through cricket matches and hence the media channels who win the rights to telecast these matches also earn in billions. There are various forms of cricket tournaments that have been played over the past two centuries. There are test matches, one day matches and of late a trend of T-20 matches, as well as matches among various franchises within a country like India Premier League, Bangladesh Premier League and Pakistan Premier League, have been introduced to generate more fun, more revenue and more cricket. The test matches were once too popular. However, with the passage of time as the life got busier, the one day matches of fifty overs turned out to be very interesting and engaging. There are world cup tournaments after every five years and the winner teams are crowned as the champions of cricket world. There is a tooth and tail competition among various teams for the prize of world cup and those who retain the world cup enjoy the prestige of being the champions for the next five years. Now the trend of T-20 is very much in and there also world cup matches that are being played for T-20 matches.

There is a world regulation body of the code of conduct for the international teams as well as players such as International Cricket Board (ICC). The individual players also earn fame as well as wealth by playing good cricket. But what about other so many games that are being played worldwide. Do they get so much fame and coverage despite their efficacy? Perhaps answer is nay. Because of the interest of government and high sensation in one game, many other useful games get dwarfed. Take for example scuba diving. This is a game as well as a learning venture where the scuba divers can not only enjoy the game but also dive for learning. There can also be competitions among various teams worldwide and it can also be source of sensitization for preaching the marine life preservation. There can also be a world body that can regulate the code of conduct, rules of the game and much more in scuba diving and those countries which have rich resources for open water course can take the lead. Take for example Malaysia which has a lot of diving packages malaysia and where the open water course certification is also offered. It also has a plethora of open scuba diving locations which can be showcased to promote the game as an attractive, interesting and lucrative game for the countries which even do not have coastal belts. There must be some activity on this front too.  

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