Automation is one of the technologies that has been used in many industries to improve productivity and the quality of the product. The industry sector that has the most usage of automation in the industrial sector. This is because the industrial sector consists of many types of heavy work that is might not be able to be handled by manpower itself. Besides that, it also can help to make the work to be done faster because the automation can do the work for quite a long time without rest. For those who do not know, there are several different types of industrial automation that are used in the industrial sector. 

Here are the types of industrial automation that can be found in the industrial sector.

  1. Fixed Automation System

This system is also known as hard automation are commonly used for the manufacturing process and it has fully distributed equipment and this type of system requires a high production needs. The equipment in this system is made to work on only one task on one part of the machine that will operate with maximum efficiency. This is good because even though it can work fast but it can produce a high quality product. However, it has a high cost of investment but it is worth it because it can handle large quantities of production which can be done in a short amount of time.

  1. Flexible Automation System

This system is has the adjustable structure and it can be control by inserting the commands using the computer code. With the flexible automation system, various types of machine tools can be connected to one advanced substance handling system. Every part of the system and production can be controlled by the central computer system. This system has the ability to handle many different types of product all at once. By this, the huge amount of product can be produced in short amount of time. Flexible automation system is perfect for the factory that need to produce a huge amount of product.

  1. Programmable Automation System

This system can easily be controlled by programming the configuration and the operation for the machine. With this system, it is very easy to just program it and it will do the work. If there is a reprogramming that need to be done, they can just insert the code to command it. It is same if there is a new batch of product that need to be done, just insert the command. However, the current batch need to be done first and then the new production batch will be done after that.

In conclusion, these are the types of industrial automation that can be found in the industrial sector. This automation is used to improve the production and efficiency of the product in the industrial sector. In the end, the product will come out great and the best quality of the product can be achieved. By the way, if you are interested to find an industrial automation product, you can go and check out Industrial automation Malaysia.

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