Most of the countries in Southeast Asia are developing countries that hold major promises in the future. The people in Southeast Asia are very invested in the world of technology and we are constantly aware of the new trends available in the market. A recent study by Google, Temasek and
Bain & Co shows that, it is estimated that around 50,000 new people logged on to the internet between the year 2015 to 2019 which means that the overall number of Southeast Asian users in the internet is 100 million to 360 million in the year 2019. From that number, 90% of the people access
the internet through their mobile phones. This article would list the top three apps that are commonly accessed by Southeast Asians.

1 – E-commerce and Ride hailing app
As much as we are invested in technologies, we are also involved in online shopping. It is one of Southeast Asians’ favourite ways to pass time. We like to scroll through the online shopping platform, like the way we window shop. The top two largest online shopping platforms in Southeast Asia are Shopee and Lazada. It is said that when there are special events, in 24 hours, Shopee can achieve up to 11 million orders. That shows the amount of interest we show on e-commerce sites. As for ride hailing, the most common apps are Grab, Gojek and more. Ride hailing is actively used by
Southeast Asians where there is a record of 40 million users in 2019. This is because not everyone can afford a car and sometimes it is easier and more efficient to use ride hailing than public transportation. Southeast Asians also prefer ride hailing service over walking because of the extremely hot weather here. Besides ride hailing, the food delivery app also falls under the same umbrella. This service is also gaining popularity among the middle-class citizens and people choose it because of the convenience.

2 – Digital Payments
Nowadays, more and more payments can be made through your phone. It is very common now that people are going cashless. They only bring their wallets or purse for the necessary cards, like identification card and driving license, but there will be no money because they would simply pay using the app in their phone, where they can make payment just by scanning the QR code at the app. This is actually a safer and more convenient way to make payments. You would not have to carry heavy wallets or purses and you would not have to withdraw money from ATMs. You can keep your money in your bank account and pay through the app available in your phone.

3 – Navigation
Navigation is heavily relied on by people because without it we would be lost. The top navigation apps that are used by Southeast Asians are Waze and Google Maps. We are constantly looking at it for real-time traffic updates, public transportation schedules and more. It is so much easier than looking at signboards and having to stop at the gas station to ask for directions. You just have to turn on the location service on your phone, search for your destination and it would guide you to your destination safely and quickly without any hassle. It can also be used to check booking services online and look at opening hours for businesses. It is an app that has many other functions other than navigation.

These are the top three apps that many Southeast Asians use. If you are a Southeast Asian, you can definitely relate to this. You can search for many app developers that have creative and artistic ideas that can be applied to the app development. You can go to mobile app company in Malaysia if you would like to know more about mobile app development, especially here in Southeast Asia.

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